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"This act is creating a buzz on the Melbourne indie scene. Gutsy & inspired, this is heartfelt crowd pleasing stuff. Watch this space." The Sun Herald

With each member hailing from a different hometown, Sketch Club formed in Melbourne in 2009. Experimenting in the early stages, they quickly settled on a song writing method that works best for the indie rock outfit - 3 gentlemen playing music in a room together until something good happens.

Combining brooding reverberated guitars with melodies that play with the part of your brain that likes to hang on a hook, these threads are tightly woven together with a rhythmical groove designed to make you move. With two previous EP's Burn This House and Break Rewind garnering attention and solid support at their live shows, the lads seemed ready to use this energy to begin a new phase of writing and recording.

This space is now filled with new EP Primal Calls & Graceless Falls. Moving away from it's rockier predecessors, this latest offering is a deliberate move towards a more complex and layered soundscape. To achieve this, the lads teamed up with super producer John Lee (Ocean Party, Stonefield, Lost Animal) at Phaedra Studios in Coburg, Melbourne. "We wanted to make a record that had that thing going on where every time you listen to it you find something new to prick your ears up. John nailed the sounds we had in our heads before we started recording, with both his intuitive production & artful mixing.” 

The first single from this inspired time in the studio is "Quiet", a deliciously catchy strut down the street with lyrics that conversely talk about the solace of solitude in a world with too much noise. It's a fresh sound from the trio that oozes pop with a distinctly dark edge. Initially taking form as a dreamy and ethereal track, Lee’s production influence was at its strongest here, with the record quickly knocked into the shape of a punchy indie-rock song. 


Vocals, Guitar / Calum Mcleod
Bass / Connor Grogan
Drums, Vocals / Lorne Chaston